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Dos Factotum » Past Comics

Past Comics

Missed a few, or do you just want to take another look?


October 17|Vol 2, No. 2: River Pigs
October 13|VOL 2. No. 1: The Talking Dog


June 5|Episode 912: The Power of Naming
June 4|Episode 911: Not About 9/11, Rather: Tickling
June 3|Episode 910: Kill Time
March 24|Episode 907: Feel The Power
March 21|Episode 906: How Was Your Day?
March 18|Episode 905: Chowders A & B
March 17|Episode 904: What Happens If You Eat Chowder?
March 15|Episode 903: Chowder Judge
March 6|Episode 902: Female Judge(ment)
March 3|Episode 901: Risky Whiskey Liquor Licker
February 27|Season 9: Feel The Power (The Chicken Season)
January 24|Season Nine, Episode X: It’s 2010, Bitches!


July 16|We Built This City On Procrastination
June 8|Recessed: Movies From Space
May 28|Welcome To The Haitus!
May 9|Episode 818: Sorry About All Those Tears
May 6|Episode 817: Here Are Your Carpets, Whores
May 2|Episode 816: Who’s The Whore?
April 29|Episode 815: aids Aids AIDS
April 25|814: I Got Goosebumps
April 22|Episode 813: Unicycle Sex
April 18|Episode 812: Jane Pierce
April 15|Episode 811: The King of Low Prices
April 11|Episode 810: Triangles Are Deaf.
April 8|Episode 809: Magical Ralph
April 4|Episode 808: Ed, Ian, Sal, Brant, Vlad
April 1|Episode 807: Picky Peppers
March 28|Episode 806: We Become Prostitutes
March 25|Episode 805: Clever But Poor
March 21|Episode 804: She Took the Money
March 18|Episode 803: Let’s Talk About Humping
March 14|Episode 802: I Cut Him Up Good
March 11|Episode 801: A Tasty Girly-Friend
March 3|BRAND NEW Dos Factotum Season Will Start 03/11
February 25|Episode 717: Cough. Jinx. Cough.
February 21|Episode 716: The Death Jar
February 18|Episode 715: Quarantined
February 14|Episode 714: No Compromises
February 11|Episode 713: A Fine Bird
February 7|Episode 712: I’m Gonna Drink You So Much
February 4|Episode 711: Shit-Tanks
January 31|Episode 710: Shut It Down
January 28|Episode 709: Pregnant Lady
January 24|Episode 708: But I Can Act Good
January 21|Episode 707: I Can Feel, Master
January 17|Episode 706: I Was Told This Was a Porn
January 14|Episode 705: Gonna Make A Movie
January 10|Episode 704: Change Your Mom Can Believe In
January 7|Episode 703: Power’s Not Real
January 3|Episode 702: Get In The Box!


December 31|Episode 701: The Baby Koala Has to Leave
December 27|Season Seven: I Would Love To See You Get Sick
December 24|Episode 617: Baby Koala
December 20|Episode 616: The Secret Handshake
December 17|Episode 615: I Am Also Named Evan
December 13|Episode 614: Vote For Me
December 10|Episode 613: Knit You a Sweater
December 6|Episode 612: Menthol Cigarettes
December 3|Episode 611: Ms. Toft’s Condition
November 29|Episode 610: Baby On A Unicycle
November 26|Episode 609: What’s a Lynx?
November 23|Episode 607: Canine Nosebleed
November 19|Episode 606: Matthew Perry
November 15|Episode 605: They Have Cockfights
November 12|Episode 604: Buy My Hat
November 8|Episode 603: i
November 5|Episode 602: Do You Like Trains?
November 1|Episode 601: And I Hit the Road Without Looking Back
October 29|A Brief Pause Before Continuing
October 25|Season Six Begins On Wednesday!
October 22|Episode 517: No Words
October 19|Episode 516: Where’s Chewy?
October 15|Episode 514: Get That Temple of Doom
October 11|Episode 513: Of Course
October 8|Episode 512: Snake or Nazi?
October 4|Episode 511: Rick James
October 1|Episode 510: Lawn Dart
September 27|Episode 509: Meat
September 24|Episode 508: Mangoes
September 20|Episode 507: That’s Tops
September 17|Episode 506: Damn Damn Damn
September 13|Episode 505: But It Seems So Risky
September 10|Episode 504: Water of Life
September 6|Episode 503: The Goat
September 3|Episode 502: A Tang Phase
August 27|Episode 501: The Disappearing Sauna
August 24|Season 5 A-This Way Comes
August 20|Episode 416: I Couldn’t Hear it Through the Pantyhose I Gagged Her With
August 16|Episode 415: A Very Special Bear
August 13|Episode 414: The Lovitz Strip
August 9|Episode 413: We Have Seen the Wily Welsh-Samoan
August 6|Episode 412: Vampires? Hiking? It’s All the Same in the Eyes of God
August 2|Episode 411: Mr. Fitzpatrick’s Eggs
July 30|Episode 410: Mr. Chinaski
July 26|Episode 409: Shotglass Tryout
July 23|Episode 408: Roommates
July 19|Episode 407: Deep Thoughts
July 16|Episode 406: Cathy
July 15|Episode 405: Poetry Share
July 9|Episode 405: Everybody’s Rappin’ Now-a-days
July 7|Episode 404: Episode Not Found
July 2|Episode 403: Andy’s Surgery
June 30|Episode 402: Unspoken Bonds
June 25|Episode 401: The Carpool
June 23|Episode 314: Dream Makers
June 18|Episode 313: I Will Feast in Your Absence
June 15|Episode 312: 1969
June 11|Episode 311: Linear A
June 7|Episode 310: Japanese Syndication
June 4|Episode 309: Internet Chatting
May 31|Episode 308: Tahitian Bonding
May 28|Episode 307: Y2K
May 24|Episode 306: The New World
May 21|Episode 305: Easy, Daddy-O
May 17|Episode 304: The Cold Russians
May 14|Episode 303: Ich Dine Factötum
May 10|Episode 302: 1920
May 7|Episode 301: Sindicación Mexicana
May 3|Episode 215: F*ck Art, Let’s Dance
April 30|Episode 214: The Mountain Mage
April 26|Episode 213: Unexpected Guest
April 23|Episode 212: Nutella
April 19|Episode 211: Rorschach Test
April 16|Episode 210: Dlinka Dink Dink Dlink
April 12|Episode 209: Not Like A Box Of Chocolates
April 9|Episode 208: The Newspaper Ad
April 5|NSFW! Episode 207: Sent To The Video Store
April 2|Episode 206: Burbon Hurts Your Cold Sores
March 30|Episode 205:The Lump
March 26|Episode 204: Archery Lesson
March 22|Episode 203: $20
March 19|Episode 202: The Baby, Part Four
March 15|Episode 201: The Baby, Part Three
March 14|Season Two: Bourbon Hurts Your Cold Sores
March 12|Episode 114: The Baby, Part Two
March 8|Episode 113: The Baby, Part One
March 5|Episode 112: The Planets Aligned…
March 1|Episode 111: Culinary School
February 27|Episode 110: Captain Hats
February 23|Epsiode 109: The Hypothetical Whore
February 20|The Civil War Special
February 16|Episode 107: Plath, Poe, Pope, Pound
February 13|Episode 106: Hot Chai
February 9|Episode 105: It’s Science
February 6|Episode 104: The Band
February 2|Episode 103: The Fence
January 30|Episode 102: Bad Ideas Over Wine
January 26|Episode 101: Campfire Secrets
January 23|Episode 100: Roommates
January 14|Captain Hats, Culinary School