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Dos Factotum: The Old Documentary

The Blog: January 13th, 2008

Before we start blowing your mind twice a week with comics you could have already seen if you were cool enough the first time around, why not catch up on Ryan, Dave and what they looked and sounded like around 2 years ago.

Or, if you know us, you’ve probably seen this.

Either way, now it’s on […]

The Luncher #1: Fusilli Pasta

The Blog: January 14th, 2008

A segment in which marginally experienced webeditor and novice blogger Ryan Grim describes his lunch, briefly at first and then in ridiculous detail.

The Skinny: Fusilli pasta with green pepper and tomato and basil sauce

The Fatty: A few days earlier I’d tried to make a variation of this meal for dinner, but it ended in disaster. […]


The Blog: January 19th, 2008

From: Ryan Grim
To: Dave Gonzales
Re: Dos Factotum
From my facebook wall “so let me get this straight there are no new comics instead there is a new website on which for god knows how long you will be releasing the old comics two per week? if this is correct then i hate you”

He might have a […]

What I Hope Happens: The Bucket List

The Blog: January 20th, 2008

A segment in which somewhat experienced webeditor and blogger Ryan Grim describes what he would like various movies, television programs and books to be about.

A recently retired hospital administrator known for his strict two-patients-per-room policy contracts pneumonia and is placed against his will in a hospital room with a wise, slow-talking black man of the […]

Acrostic Poetry From A Fan: “The Unrequited Love/Lust…”

The Blog: January 22nd, 2008

A segment in which we feature acrostic poetry by Dos Factotum superfan, JAP 2 da EXTREME. (She’s kind of like this site’s Mel.)
The Unrequited Love/Lust…
Relish in the fact that
You have pleasured me in so many un-
Accountable ways and
Now, I am left lusting for you