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Dos Factotum » Archive » Vol 2, No. 2: River Pigs
October 17th, 2013

Vol 2, No. 2: River Pigs

Here’s the thing – comics are a very subtle kind of funny communicating a very subtle message. This one has something to do with authority and paint huffing. Ok, so maybe me – the lowly artist – puts very little thought into what Grim is trying to say with each Dos Factotum strip. It used to be we’d have long conversations over pizza and cigarettes about the direction our wayward Condom and Cigarette were headed, but now – it’s a surprise for me when I get a new strip.

As it was a surprise for me to get a new, longer strip for VOL. 2 No. 2, it was a pleasant surprise for me to have only pages of dialogue with no splitting into panels whatsoever. So, once again, I got to kind of “direct” the strip. things like Condom motioning with the huffing can and bag or Cigarette painting a portrait of the Angry Baby Koala (whom he must subconsciously miss, they were roommates for a time) and chucking the palette under the easel when the conversation gets involved.

Not to mention that VOL 2 thus far has had several all-digital elements, the most notable this time around being the River Pig himself – drawn entirely on an iPad with a WaCom Stylus. The original Dos Factotum run (Volume) was designed around scanned pen drawings and clips from stock photos. Now, it’s evolving into a “style” and since I’m not really doing much other graphic work all by my lonesome, I guess I’m evolving it into “my style.”

Which is surprising me as much as you.

ANYWAY, I’m surprised you read this. The comic is pretty long.

Thanks for scrolling.


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