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March 15th, 2010

Episode 903: Chowder Judge


Dave here. And with Ryan’s general malaise surrounding everything Dos Factotum (have you checked out This Is Grim yet?), that means I can’t blame him for forgetting to post the comic last Wednesday. Or last Saturday.

I was puking a lot last Saturday because of a nettie pot, so I’m hesitant to blame myself.

Then, Sunday, I was feeling okay and managed to make it to brunch with Ryan Grim, amongst others. I told him I had forgotten to post the comics and he told me I had forgotten the two strips he had written at his house (oh the difficulties of not sharing a living space with your writer!).

I said I’d probably just bump the comics back a week so he could have more time to procrastinate in writing the last 3 of this season (let’s not think about what it will take to get him to write the 10th season and finish this bitch off).

Then, today, I thought: Wait! Eff-no!

I’ve been waiting long enough to get to the end of Dos Factotum, why should I make everyone else wait as well.

So this week will be Chowder Week. There’s a subplot about Chowder before we get to the titular Chicken of this season, and it’s going to fit in this week, completely.

Today – Episode 3
Tomorrow – Episode 4
Then, back to basics with Wednesday – Ep 5 and Saturday Ep 6.

It’s the penultimate season of Dos Factotum!

Click the “Subscribe” link to hook up e-mail alerts, RSS feeds and Twitter following. The hiatus is over.

27 to go.

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