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March 3rd, 2010

Episode 901: Risky Whiskey Liquor Licker

Dave here.

Recently, I’ve been drinking less hard liquor. It’s not because I like getting drunk any less or because I can’t take the burn of the cheap-yet-boozy drinks I can afford. I simply got tired of being hungover a lot.

Not only do I take hangovers worse than most, but I seemed to miss that transitionary period between being young enough to feel no pain and being old enough that I wake up in pain. Hangovers weren’t helping the generic pain my body heaps upon me in the form of knotted muscles and sore joints. The family masseuse (based out of CO) says it’s because I commute with my laptop on my back while living in a “dangerous” neighborhood that keeps me “alert” and “storing my stress.”

Things were a lot easier when I could puke and rally. I used to do it a lot, which is how i earned one of my many nicknames: “Pukes.” From bulimia-mocking gags so I could empty my stomach and fill it with more booze to simply puking after losing a drinking game, I did it all.

And somehow still managed to hook up with a few ladies, which is something you don’t think a dude called “Pukes” would really do.

Anyway. Ryan isn’t drying out as severely as I am, but he’s also reduced his cheap-and-hard boozahol intake. Because to quote Danny Glover, I’m getting to old for this shit.

Don’t feel bad for me though, I have other vices I indulge in. Some legal, some not; all fun. So don’t think I’m going soft on you.

Welcome to the penultimate season of Dos Factotum!

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29 to go.

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