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Dos Factotum » Archive » Staring Into Alexei Perry’s Throat

Staring Into Alexei Perry’s Throat

January 20th, 2010

The rock band Handsome Furs performed last night at a party celebrating the new partnership between VBS.tv and CNN.com. Before they took the stage at Public Assembly, MC Eugene Mirman mumbled some jokes which were barely audible above the folks enjoying the open bar; Kenneth “KC” Estenson of CNN.com said a few remarks about the importance of first-person storytelling; and Shane Smith of Vice/VBS said something about taking over the world with CNN. He added that while some men have large heads and small bodies, he’s got a small head and a large body.

Once the band started their set it was hard to look away from keyboardist/drum machinist Alexei Perry. Her mouth would puff and chomp, often with the beat. She resembled an animal actor with peanut butter on its gums to make it look like it’s talking, but in a sexy way. While breathing heavily and chomping, she would sometimes stare fiercely and admiringly at her bandmate and husband, Dan Boeckner. His trick: wrapping the microphone cord around his neck while singing. At one point during the set they faced each other and got very close as if they were going to kiss or nuzzle, and a girl in front of me let out an “Awww.”

Alexei Perry’s throat was even more interesting to watch. Because she’s breathing so deeply and rhythmically, and she doesn’t have much neck fat, a very pronounced oval would appear with each deep inhale, and then disappear with each exhale. Well, perhaps it’s not really an oval. It’s more like the shape we make with the skin between our thumb and index finger when we try to reproduce the shape of a vagina by touching our hands together. An elongated oval with points. So if you wanted to be lewd you could say that, while performing, Alexei Perry’s throat looks like a pulsating vagina.

Ms. Perry would often balance herself on one leg, raise the other leg behind her and kick it to the beat. When she bangs her head, her copper hair (it’s currently copper, anyway) is fun to watch, too. With the leg, the hair, the mouth and the throat, she’s the most animated keyboardist/drum machinist I’ve ever seen. And if you’re only casually playing the instrument to begin with, you have no excuse not to go berserk.

[Thanks for the picture.]

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