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The Saddest State-Wide Vote of the Aughts

The Blog: December 11th, 2009

The decade’s almost kaput. Anyone with dial-up and a keyboard is making lists about the best and worst whatevers of the last 10 years. I say: Why bother! But I did want to add this ditty to the heap of superlatives:

While the landmark Supreme Court ruling Loving v. Virgina banned all race-based restrictions on marriage […]

Sign Me Up for a ZAG Card

The Blog: December 15th, 2009

A year(?) ago I agreed to be an extra in a feature-length film David was producing(?) and showed up very early one morning at The Four-Faced Liar, a bar in the West Village. The movie is also called The Four-Faced Liar. Which came first? Nobody knows. (The bar without a doubt came first.) The movie’s […]

Avoid Dart Wobble With Glenn Dart Man

The Blog: December 15th, 2009

I’ve signed up for Glenn Dart Man’s darts tips newsletter. Just about every day he sends me a brief email with a link to an audio lesson. The latest one can be heard here. While I love how my name is in each URL, some lessons are not as informative as I’d hoped. Glenn, […]

Apple’s Bold Product Placement in It’s Complicated

The Blog: December 16th, 2009

Do you pay more or less or the same if your brand is covering a naked man’s genitals? I’m no Benjamin Bernanke, but it probably depends on the man.