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July 16th, 2009

We Built This City On Procrastination


So guess who is setting the pace at writing one comic a month at this point? If your answer was “Ryan Grim,” the guy who is supposed to be writing the new and penultimate Dos Factotum season, you’d be correct.

The above picture is just a distraction so I could get my Recessed comic off the front page. Not that I was lying that I had written a few more Recesseds, but I’m lazy and a condom and a cigarette participating in entertaining banter in their all-white apartment is much easier to draw than two characters with eyes and mouths and brows above those eyes.

Yes, I’m lazy. But I do other shit, alright? Stop bugging me. Bug Ryan.

If you need to have your Dos Factotum itch scratched, the entire series (up through Season 8, because 9 still isn’t written) is starting to syndicate with a new strip on days starting with “T” over at Geekerdrome.com.

You can find their Dos Factotum page HERE.

I’m still wondering where Evan and the Angry Baby Koala are. Weren’t they supposed to have a spin-off comic?

The above town is where I’d like to live, even if they built the buildings with slightly altered perspectives. The architect/artist (me) was high as a kite when he (I) drew this. And to top it all off, he (I) was in Amsterdam where it was totally legal.

Yeah, if Ryan Grim was in Amsterdam with little-to-nothing to do, I bet he’d have Season 11 all done…

3 Responses to “We Built This City On Procrastination”

  1. ryan Says:

    hey brother, lay off me. it’s july. I’m living on island time. you know, it would do you some good to log off your robot and go catch a wave in the rockaways or blade around central park. maybe coney is more your speed. girlz girlz girlz. and beerz. either way, comic-writin’ is for oct. through april. i’m going away this weekend and then again in early aug. and then again in mid-aug. then it’s sept., which is apple-picking season. (no calls or twatters, please.) during early october i like to catch up on my harper’s, so writing comics is out of the question. expect a few strips on halloween. spooky ones.

    aw fuck it. here’s one:

    C: Have you been watching the Sotomayor hearing?
    C: What’s a Sotomayor?

    C: The female judge Obama nominated for the Supreme Court.
    C: Female… Judge… If I wanted female judgment I’d go out clubbing.

    C: Well, it’s pretty important. If you need me, I’ll be in the living room watching history happen live on C-SPAN.
    C: I won’t need you. I won’t need anyone.

  2. Dave Says:

    See, how hard was that?

    I guess we’ll be back when the days get short again, folks.

  3. cameron Says:

    I like that that one won’t be relevant at all by the time season 9 comes out.

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