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May 6th, 2009

Episode 817: Here Are Your Carpets, Whores

A brief history of my rug situation: After moving into the apartment in August ’07, I made do without a rug for a while. Problem: after I showered, my feet would be cold and wet and water would pool on the faux-wood floor in my room. I needed a rug, not for aesthetics, but rather to sop up the water after a shower. I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought the cheapest rug they had, a large, stiff, all-white one that was a bear to lug home on the L. Predictably, it became very dirty very quickly. We had a party and people walked on it and it became even dirtier. I eventually threw it away and made do without a rug for a while. But, once again, my feet would be cold and wet after a shower. Water would pool on the floor. So I went rug shopping. This time, I wanted a dark one, maybe even an all-black one to mask the dirt. I found a smallish brown one at Urban Outfitters. It was more expensive than the white one but I suppose I was paying for all that color. It was easy to lug home because it’s not stiff but rather loose, like a bath towel. Problem: my desk chair (which also needs to be replaced) will wheel over it and move it out of position. Just about every day I find myself adjusting the rug. I don’t have time for that. I’ll keep it for a while but I’m thinking that I need a new rug. Again. Stiff and dark: those are the two qualities I’m looking for. I also need a blender and no less than four pairs of thin white socks.

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