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Dos Factotum » Archive » Rejected: Our Failed Attempt At L Magazine Fame

Rejected: Our Failed Attempt At L Magazine Fame

November 29th, 2008

In case you didn’t get the veiled refrence in the post for Episode 610: Ryan and I submitted Dos Factotum for New York’s The L Magazine “Comix” Issue.

We had an inside source who told us to submit, which lead to a conversation between Ryan and I, which lead to me wholly remaking this difficult-to-read strip and adding a nifty white-background laout to our as-yet-unpublished strip where we refrence that condom is, in fact, a condom.

Later, when I saw said “inside source” at a get-together shin-dig, I told him/her that I had submitted only to get the response: “Oh, you didn’t get in.”

I’m not holding this against L Magazine specifically. For all I know, their tiny format (it’s a quarter-sized magazine) didn’t lend well to our strip’s dialogue, or maybe our layout looked more like an ad than an actual comic (though they shouldn’t hold that against free submissions). All I know is that every time I suggest to Ryan that we make the ol’ condom and cigarette saga into a zine when we finish it up, he laughs. Laughs at me.

Here’s the rejected thing, click it to make it bigger.

Reject L Magazine Submission

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