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Dos Factotum » Archive » Acrostic Poetry From A Fan: “Dirty: It’s on the Internet for Christ’s Sake”

Acrostic Poetry From A Fan: “Dirty: It’s on the Internet for Christ’s Sake”

June 17th, 2008

A segment in which we feature acrostic poetry by Dos Factotum superfan, JAP 2 da EXTREME. (She’s kind of like this site’s Mel.) We swear she’s a real person. Note: This ditty is rather filthy so, kids, run it by your folks before you read it.

Dirty: It’s on the Internet for Christ’s Sake

Remember to give every once in a while,
You selfish bastard, because
All you do is take, take… TAKE
Now it is your turn to take it up the ass.

To all of the men and women whom you
Have taken advantage of: Let Ryan take no more! It is your turn to receive. Make that son
Of a bitch give it to you.
Make him make you scream out of pleasure
And then leave him wanting more
So he feels the undeniable blue-balling pain you have felt.

Go home and let the fact that you “used and abused’ marinate. Enjoy,
I am! Because payback’s a bitch, but so is Grim. Go home, lay down in your bed, and let the sweet revenge
Marinate, knowing that he is blue-balled at this moment in time.

Now read JAP 2 da EXTREME’s first acrostic poem, “The Unrequited Love/Lust…” And her second one, The Museum Of Sex.”

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