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June 7th, 2008

Episode 310: Japanese Syndication

You would not believe the hoops we had to jump through to get an American web comic syndicated in Japan. Tiny, smelly hoops that were able to build a fucking amazing cell-phone, but unable to drive or do my laundry properly.

We’re still talking about hoops, right? Good. Then that laundry thing should have been about Korean hoops, but I thought I’d include it because all hoops look the same: circular. It’s impossible to tell them apart.

No wonder they are so skinny, those hoops. They are fed mostly fish and their beef is over-priced. Both these things probably have to do with their country being an island that our nation continues to provide military protection for in exchange for their electronics.

So, it was the least they could do to pick up Dos Factotum, the most American strip in the history of comic strips.

They might not have liked the strips we sent over, but the Limited Edition Ryan Grim Dos Factoum Super-Happy Hologram Partner was a best seller for a while, mostly because children found its constant existential weeping entertaining. It was packaged with the first 500 copies of this Dos Factotum strip.

Some people say Dos Factotum is no longer syndicated in Japan because our humor just didn’t translate. Some say customers were turned off by having to order a single 6”x3” laminated piece of paper that came taped to a sentient hologram. Even more say that Dave shouldn’t have tried to explain that JAP really meant Jewish American Princess, though he kept talking about “those Japs during Operation Iceberg.”

Personally, I think it was because this strip hit a little too close to home.

Damn hoops.

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  1. Prime Minister of Japan Says:

    You have dishonored our nation, from now on Dos Factotum is the enemy of the Japanese people. May your children die a fiery, painful death and may your genitalia whither and fall off your spindly bodies.

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