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A 100 Word Eulogy For Brijit.com

May 23rd, 2008

As I mentioned earlier, I’d begun to contribute to the online article condenser, Brijit.com. Well, as these things go, it was mostly talk and little action; I only submitted one abstract, which was published. Yesterday, I received a large check (large in terms of dimensions) from Brijit Inc. for $5. Accompanying the payment was a sad little note about how the site is out of money and may have to be fold shortly, or something to that effect. Here’s a eulogy fit for publication on Brijit.

The D.C.-based content summary hub Brijit.com has announced it is out of money and will no longer be paying bored writer-types $5 for 100-word-long synopses of recently published articles and radio and television programs. With Digg, Fark, and a myriad of other competitors hogging readers, the middle-to-highbrow, taste-making Brijit never got the pageviews needed to bring in serious ad dollars. Consider it the Critic of news aggregation sites. The “We’re broke” note that was sent to writers mentioned that they’re trying to find a new home and, presumably, new investors. Rich people: throw money at Brijit, not because you’ll undoubtedly see a big return, but because I want a hobby that pays.

Seems like I went a little over 100 words. Well, when you’re the writer and the editor, you can do whatever you want.

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