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Dos Factotum » Archive » A Survey of Collarless Button-Down Shirts

A Survey of Collarless Button-Down Shirts

May 10th, 2008

Rufus Humphrey, the post-punk math rocker turned art gallery owner from Gossip Girl, will occasionally wear a collarless button-down shirt. This is bewildering because he’s a cool enough guy who used to impregnate groupies while on the road with his band, Lincoln Hawk. Sure, he settled down with kids in Dumboiamsburg, Brooklyn, but being middle aged is no excuse to fall prey to the C-less B-D. Familiarize yourself with this monster before it gets you, too.

Pirate sleeves and cuffs, Amish-style collarless top, tucked in to beltless pants.

shirt 1

Periwinkle thread, military breast pocket, Southern preacher-style collarless top.

shirt 2

Truncated button line, Aladdin-style collarless top, George Harrison in Uttar Pradesh color scheme.

shirt 3
Ruffled white bib, spinster Aunt Marie’s pajamas color scheme, Amish-style collarless top, pear-bottomed cut.

shirt 4

Faintly striped, eggshell thread, workingman’s breast pocket, John Henry Was a Steel Driving Man-style collarless top, traditional cut.

shirt 5

Gnome tooth buttons, plum thread, Aladdin/Southern preacher hybrid collarless top, Bruce Hornsby playing with The Dead-style cut.

shirt 6

Material: treated walrus tummy, marble halves for buttons, Elvira-style collarless top, faux pockets, lady-on-horseback cut.

shirt 7
—Ryan Grim

3 Responses to “A Survey of Collarless Button-Down Shirts”

  1. lincoln hawk Says:

    […] yourself with this monster before it gets you, too. Pirate sleeves and cuffs, Amish-stylehttp://readitordont.com/dosfactotum/2008/05/10/a-survey-of-collarless-button-down-shirts/Flocks of volunteers seek out changing habitat of state’s birds Boston GlobeMASHPEE – Stalking […]

  2. Dave Says:

    For some reason, you have just convinced me to find some collarless button-down clothing for myself.

  3. Ryan Says:

    If you wear a C-less B-D to a bar, talk about the C-less B-D with a girl for over an hour (you cannot change the subject) and then take her home and round 2nd base (verify w/ pic, obvs), I’ll pay you $17.

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