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Brijit: Digg For People That Hate Digg And Love Small Paychecks

May 2nd, 2008

Writing article abstracts for Brijit.com is not the coolest hobby, but it’s certainly not the nerdiest. (That would be volunteering for the U.S. Census Bureau.) If you’re unfamiliar with my new mistress, Brijit aggregates news stories, mainly from print media but also radio and TV. Each story they link to gets a 60-100 word-long abstract. These are written by people with a lot of free time, like me.

So far I’ve only done one, a mammoth Texas Monthly piece on Willie Nelson that was written by various friends of his. I called it a “pre-death eulogy,” which the Brijit editors (probably wisely) changed to “premature eulogy.”

A few of the blurbs were written by Texas’ resident fuckabout journalist, Kinky Friedman, a man who, unfortunately, I’ve been seeing a lot of recently. First I saw him as a pundit on Fox News holding an unlit cigar while talking about God knows what. Then, while reviewing a writer’s application at work, I noticed that she listed him as a reference, along with his personal phone number. I’d wanted to call him up and ask, “What are you, sir?” Then he popped up as a contributor in the Willie Nelson article. That’s just too much Kinky.

I should mention that Brijit pays $5 for each accepted abstract, making me a professional abstracter. A big “Suck it” goes out to all the people who said, “Ryan, you’ll never make money by writing brief synopses of other people’s articles.”

Here’s the goodness:

Willie’s God! Willie’s God! We Love Willie!
Musicians, politicians, oddball luminaries (like Kinky Friedman), and old friends paint a portrait of Willie Nelson in this Texas-sized collection of memories and praise. Organized into sections about “The Nashville Years” and “The Women,” the blurbs vary in quality from the truly interesting to the outright boring. This tidbit from President Jimmy Carter is par for the course: “I remember when I was nominated to be president, Willie sang ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ and missed a few words. In ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’!” Any casual Nelson fan with time to kill will enjoy this parade of anecdotes, even if it reads like a premature eulogy.
in Texas Monthly by Michael Hall, May 2008
This abstract was written by Ryan Grim and edited by Brijit.

3 Responses to “Brijit: Digg For People That Hate Digg And Love Small Paychecks”

  1. JeremyB Says:

    Suck it, indeed! Welcome to Brijit. One of our writers coined the term Brijiteer, which I think is pretty great. Glad to have you among our ranks. Thanks for the good work.

    Jeremy from Brijit

  2. Dave Says:

    Holy shit, they found us. That’s some good interneting!

    Who knows if my editor has found us yet…

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