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January 19th, 2008

From: Ryan Grim
To: Dave Gonzales
Re: Dos Factotum

From my facebook wall “so let me get this straight there are no new comics instead there is a new website on which for god knows how long you will be releasing the old comics two per week? if this is correct then i hate you”

He might have a point.

From: Dave Gonzales
To: Website Blog Readers
Re: You Hate Us

If I had a lot of time to sit around pumping out new comics these days, I just would have done that, right?

Here’s how it’s going down: Seasons 1-6 were posted inconsistently, in large batches and whenever Ryan and I had time to complete them. They sat up online for 3 years and were viewed occasionally.

The idea was always to do 10 Seasons of Dos Factotum. All the character designs have been done for Season 8 (the sketches occasionally appear in “Sketch Corner” to your right) and Ryan is all for writing to the conclusion.

The advantage to posting them sequentially has to do with order and ease. The release of comics will be timed and archived, and honestly do you remember all the comics? There were over 100 of them.

Subscribe by e-mail and RSS to be notified of when a comic is posted, or use the handy comic tagger on the top of the sidebar (hover over the “info” button to find out why it’s cool) to help you browse multiple comics in continuity.

Meanwhile, down here the blog will be regularly updated with auxiliary content on non-comic days, including some previously annexed other comics.

And the continuation of columns like The Luncher, if you like that stuff.
Hate us if you must, but we’re syndicating the strip. It’ll be more consistent than television during the WGA strike and you’re on the internet all the time anyway.

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  1. Dave Says:

    Hey, comments work too. You can do that and tell us how much you hate us.

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